Burial Services
Florence, Oregon
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The loss of a close friend or family member can be one of the hardest challenges many of us face. Although a natural part of life, the process of mourning is important and personal. Each of us handles the mourning process differently. Because of this, we tailor each funeral service to the exact specifications of our patrons. To further fulfill the wishes of loved ones, we also offer pre-planning and pre-payment options.

Traditional Funeral Service

A traditional funeral service includes embalming, casket, viewing at the funeral home chapel, church, graveside or location of your choice and transportation to the cemetery. The Traditional Service is often followed by a Memorial Service. This service typically includes a memorial register book, memorial folders and acknowledgment cards. Floral tributes are often displayed and you are encouraged to bring in photographs and other memorabilia to further personalize the service.

Cremation Service

Cremation is performed by trained staff in our on-site crematorium. Cremated remains are sealed in a container of your choosing. We offer several different styles of urns and keepsake items.

Funeral services for cremated remains vary greatly. Some choose to have a full funeral service with viewing and chapel or church service. Others have a public or private viewing prior to cremation followed by a memorial service. While others bury or scatter cremains in private or public ceremony. We can also arrange direct cremation which does not include viewing or memorial service. Like traditional funeral service, there are many options available for those who choose cremation. Our staff can help you make the decision that is right for you.

Since loved ones often include our pets, we also offer a second crematorium for pets - the only pet crematorium on the Oregon Coast.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is conducted without the body present and can vary in ceremony and procedure. It can be held at the funeral home or at a location of your choice. In order to create a memorial service that is as unique as your loved one, we encourage you to help personalize the service with memorabilia, photographs and other personal items.


The body is prepared and transported on land or air in accordance with state regulations. Service includes personnel, equipment and vehicle to transport remains to or from funeral home.

University Body Donation

The donation of a body helps in medical research; many lives have been saved because people donated their bodies to science. Some of the many ways in which a body donation may be used include: surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology and many other fields of study and research. All donated remains are handled and treated in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.